About Dr. Carly Meckle

Master Sergant

Dr. Meckle enlisted at the age of 17 in the Colorado Air Force National Guard and completed the weapons Armament program. She spent 10 years serving at Buckley Air Force base, during which she served 3 overseas tours in Balad Iraq. 

Dr. Carly Meckle

In Dr. Meckle's free time she loves spending it with her family, Husband Jason, and her two beautiful children, Lexi and Wyatt. She also loves exercising and serving her country.

     She strives to address and promote health and well being in every patient.

Edgewater Chiropractic Clinic

In 2013 Dr. Meckle opened Edgewater Chiropractic Clinic, she incorporates her vast knowledge of the human body into every treatment plan. As with most aspects of her life she gives 100% into everything she does. She has based her practice on the attention of the abundant scientific, evidence based appraches to musculoskeletal health care.